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Babak Hi visitor. My name is Babak. I am a researcher with 20+ years of experience in research. I studied information systems with a focus on collaboration. I worked in telecom before smartphones were common (no, actually not so many years ago). Now I study how information systems, in particular mobile technologies and the Internet, can be used to enable/disable people, include/exclude people, and distribute power in our society. I am interested in the impact of these technologies on us and on our societies. I am interested in questions such as:

  • How will the elderly care of the future look like? How do we want it to look like?
  • What does patient empowerment mean? What is a true patient-centered healthcare service?
  • How do people with special needs use mobile devices?
  • How is mobile technology changing our habits and behavior?
  • How does the online lives of our younger generation affect their later professional life?
  • How is mobile technology changing the democratic processes in our local, national and international surroundings?
  • How does technology and the Internet affect the global divide?

I like to work closely with those who use technology. I like to make novel technology concepts. I like to teach and do research with my students. I am interested in qualitative research. If you are interested in these topics, drop me a line. We might end up working together in a new project:-)

And here are some facts about me:

I support Wikipedia and Doctors without borders, and I am a member of Amnesty International. I do some Karate and ice skating when I have time.

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