Using documents in social research

Most qualitative research is concerned with oral data. But documents can be equally important in improving our understanding of phenomena. And when it comes to documents, it is not only their content that counts.

photo album: Composition exercises

The right composition is, besides being able to take a clear, non-blurry photo, probably the most important success factor for taking a nice photo. At the same time, composing right is extremely hard for me. Therefore I practice.

Qualitative data analysis: Pointers to resources

Work in progress. Qualitative research is common in information systems and other research fields that look into the interplay between technology and the social context, such as organizations or society. Qualitative data analysis is a step that happens during and…

Recruiting and collaborating with users in research: Pointers to resources

Often in our research we need to recruit and collaborate with user. This can be in form of recruiting users to a usability test of a mobile app, interviewing users to understand their problems, observing users in their natural environment, etc. In this page I try to collect resources that discuss various aspects of collaborating with users.

Doing literature surveys: pointers to some resources

Many students and researchers will do a literature survey as part of their research project. Literature surveys are essential steps towards forming a good research question and clarifying your research contribution. In this page you will find some articles that I recommend you to read in order to turn your literature survey into a piece of scientific contribution, and get an A+ grade in the process!