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In these pages I collect some tips and pointers about doing research and innovation and the associated methodology. These pages are a mixture of my own lessons learned after having participated in research and innovation projects since 2001, and collections of pointers to resources that I have found useful in my own research. You should also see my tips on technical writing if you are writing reports or papers.

Doing literature surveys: pointers to some resources

Many students and researchers will do a literature survey as part of their research project. Literature surveys are essential steps towards forming a good research question and clarifying your research contribution. In this page you will find some articles that I recommend you to read in order to turn your literature survey into a piece of scientific contribution, and get an A+ grade in the process!

Empathic innovation

Are you an innovator? Did you ever make a solution that no one wanted to use? Did you ever reflect on the reason why it happened? If you did, I bet one of the reasons was you lost contact with your users.

Don’t “Just do it” but “Just ship it”

Although Nike uses the slogan “Just do it”, I am becoming increasingly convinced that just doing it is not enough at all. In my own life I am increasingly trying to practice “Just ship it” as the main principle underlying everything I do. It is not easy, but I am on my way.