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In these pages I collect some tips and pointers about doing research and innovation and the associated methodology. These pages are a mixture of my own lessons learned after having participated in research and innovation projects since 2001, and collections of pointers to resources that I have found useful in my own research. You should also see my tips on technical writing if you are writing reports or papers.

Empathic innovation

Are you an innovator? Did you ever make a solution that no one wanted to use? Did you ever reflect on the reason why it happened? If you did, I bet one of the reasons was you lost contact with your users.

Don’t “Just do it” but “Just ship it”

Although Nike uses the slogan “Just do it”, I am becoming increasingly convinced that just doing it is not enough at all. In my own life I am increasingly trying to practice “Just ship it” as the main principle underlying everything I do. It is not easy, but I am on my way.