Are you a software developer? Say hello to my 500 students.

Are you interested in introducing yourself and your colleagues to my students? I am interested in bringing the software engineering profession into the lecture room, live. I am looking for video greetings from software developers (in Norwegian and English). Accept the challenge and say hello to my students.

Starting January 2019 I will be teaching software engineering to 500 undergraduate NTNU students. Chances are that software engineers you will hire in three years from now will have taken my course. Software engineering as a profession will be the central underlying theme for the course. I want your help to collect a set of short video greetings from software engineers around the world (especially Norway) where you tell my students about yourself and the job you do, what challenges you meet, why you chose your job etc. All roles related to software engineering –from programming to project management and strategic planning –are relevant. I hope you are interested! In that case, read the guidelines below.


  1. We are not talking about high-tech video recordings. Use your smartphone. It’s good to see your and your colleagues’ faces. But also show us your offices, tools etc. Be informal!
  2. This is not supposed to be a marketing channel for your company. We have other channels for that type of marketing. Here, stick to the profession! It is OK to say where you work 😉
  3. Keep it short. Ideally 1-3 minutes, depending on the content. Watching your face for 5 minutes can feel very long. If you show us around in your workplace and introduce your colleagues, and talk about a topic and how you handle that, 5 minutes can be just fine, but nothing more than 3 minutes.
  4. The goal is to motivate and inform my students by giving them an insider view of how it is to be a professional software engineer. It helps that you have a positive attitude towards your job and your colleagues!
  5. It is good if you are specific and focus on one activity. For instance: How do you do standup meetings? What tools do you use for version control and how? How do you plan your projects? How are your customer meeting organized? If you have long experience, what are your reflections? You can send me multiple videos if you have a lot to say, each with one topic!
  6. Don’t be intimidated if you just started in your job. What you have to say is probably the most relevant for my students.
  7. Try to make contact with my students. Talk to them, not the video camera. Tell them stories, give them advice, tell them how it was for you as student and what changed when you started your job. It is your greeting!
  8. You can meet some of our students in this video that was made by the student organization to introduce our computer science and software engineering studies to outsiders.
  9. The language can be Norwegian or English. I hope for more Norwegian examples
  10. You are free (and encouraged) to contact me with your idea and/or ask for more information. We can test the idea in the name of Agile development! In any case, I preserve the right to include your video in my class or not!

I thought of putting some links to Youtube examples, but I did not find any that fitted. So here we have a golden opportunity!