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Why don’t you give a self-transforming presentation next time?

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Presenting your ideas to a live audience is an excellent occasion for transforming minds. I mean your mind as the presenter and not the minds of your audience. Yes, it is strange, as 99.99% of all advice on giving presentations is about how you, the presenter, can best transform the minds of your audience.

How Zettlr changed my relation to research literature

After using Zettlr for a couple of years, I have noticed a fundamental change in how I use research literature in my research and writing. In this blog post, I reflect on this development and describe how it happened.

All the things we do in order not to write

I confess! I am a procrastinator. In my journey toward writing more, I do everything in my power to postpone writing. Most of the time, the things I do instead of writing look very smart and relevant. But their sole purpose is to delay the writing itself.

I am an academic who did not switch to Mastodon, and this is why

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For some time now, I have observed my academic colleagues adding a Mastodon account link to their X profiles. After mass media coverage around X’s owner and how he operates X, I have also considered whether I should find a new place for my infrequent tweets. After some research and reflection, I decided to stay on X.

Book review- Qualitative literacy by Small and Calarco

How do you recognize good qualitative data? One of the main challenges newcomers to qualitative research face is the fact that everything can be used as data. I liked this book a lot because it provides some simple but effective answers to the question above. It is a short read and it comes from authors who know what they are talking about.

How to (almost) use Zettlr on Android devices

Are you a Zettlr user? Then you might occasionally want to, as I did, write short notes or even longer blog posts without sitting at your desktop computer and glaring at your Zettelkasten. You may be at a cafe, as…

NRK og persondata


NRKs strategi for håndtering av persondata er ikke egnet for en allmennkringkaster.

Nine (surprising) things I learned from teaching a class with 500 students

I was expecting to learn a lot from teaching a course with 500 students. But I was expecting to learn other things that what I actually turned out to learn. Maybe I have to learn these things before I can concentrate on other things I also want to learn!

Defining my role of a university teacher

During the spring of 2019, I participated in a newly designed pedagogics course organized by our faculty. The course made me reflect on my role as a university teacher. We don’t think much about it. But what we teachers and professor do every day in our offices, lecture rooms and meetings is what at the end of the day makes up a university. This course made me think about how I can best contribute to our university’s prosperity and quality in my everyday conduct. My conclusion is that I should be more than a lecturer.

Are you a software developer? Say hello to my 500 students.

Agile software engineeting cartoon

Are you interested in introducing yourself and your colleagues to my students? I am interested in bringing the software engineering profession into the lecture room, live. I am looking for video greetings from software developers (in Norwegian and English). Accept the challenge and say hello to my students.