Author: Babak

Delingsøkonomi eller digital Taylorisme?

Mange beskylder deltakere i delingsøkonomier som Uber og AirBnB for skatteunndragelse og ulovlighet. Men det er en annen, mye mer truende side av delingsøkonomien som man snakker forholdsvis lite om. Delingsøkonomien representerer en gjeninnføring av Taylorisme i digitalt format, samtidig som man prøver å fremstille disse plattformene som en bærekraftig løsning på verdensproblemer.

Velferdsteknologi handler om teknologi!

Helsedirektoratets Fagrapport om implementering av velferdsteknologi fra 2012 siterer Nis Peter Nissen som sier “velferdsteknologi handler ikke om teknologi… men om mennesker”. Å tolke sitatet bokstavelig kan bety titalls millioner feilinvesterte kroner i digitale velferdstjenester.

The Discovery of Grounded Theory

I have now, after three months, finished reading this seminal work on qualitative methods by Corbin and Strauss. I have heard this is the book that defined rigor in qualitative research once and for all. I am not surprised at all.

My presentation at Software 2016

Yesterday I presented some of the work we (Yngve Dahl and I) did in the project FARSEEING at Software 2016 in Oslo. The slides are available at my Slideshare. The talk was about our findings from the evaluation of a fall detection service in two nursing homes in Trondheim, Norway.

Using documents in social research

Most qualitative research is concerned with oral data. But documents can be equally important in improving our understanding of phenomena. And when it comes to documents, it is not only their content that counts.

photo album: Composition exercises

The right composition is, besides being able to take a clear, non-blurry photo, probably the most important success factor for taking a nice photo. At the same time, composing right is extremely hard for me. Therefore I practice.

Qualitative data analysis: Pointers to resources

Work in progress. Qualitative research is common in information systems and other research fields that look into the interplay between technology and the social context, such as organizations or society. Qualitative data analysis is a step that happens during and…