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My presentation at Software 2016

Yesterday I presented some of the work we (Yngve Dahl and I) did in the project FARSEEING at Software 2016 in Oslo. The slides are available at my Slideshare. The talk was about our findings from the evaluation of a fall detection service in two nursing homes in Trondheim, Norway.

Min presentasjon på Software 2016 i Oslo

I går presenterte jeg forskningsresultater fra EU-prosjektet FARSEEING på Software-konferansen i Oslo. Presentasjonen er tilgjengelig i Slideshare. Trykk på engelsk flagg og les resten på engelsk.

The shallows- what the internet is doing to our brains

I finished this book on the flight to Istanbul today. The book is a continuation of an article from the Atlantic called “Is Google making us stupid? What the Internet is doing to our brains”. I never read that article…

The Pragmatic Programmer

This is a book that starts a bit boring but becomes very interesting and extremely useful at the end. This will be a must read for my students.