Recruiting and collaborating with users in research: Pointers to resources


Work in progress.

Often in our research we need to recruit and collaborate with user. This can be in form of recruiting users to a usability test of a mobile app, interviewing users to understand their problems, observing users in their natural environment, etc. In this page I try to collect resources that discuss various aspects of collaborating with users.

First, ethics

Collecting any form of personal data (facts or opinions) is subject to strict regulations in Norway. You need to get permission from the ethics committees. This is much more important if you plan to collect medical data. See the following pages:

  • Is my project notifiable to the ethics committee? Check your project using this online form (in Norwegian) from the Norwegian privacy commission.

Consents and clear communication

A standard consent form in Norwegian can be downloaded here. You need to adjust it to your project.

Second, how do we actually recruit users?

  • Through user representatives. E.g. if you collaborate with a company, a hospital or a municipality they can help you recruit.
  • Through public media. E.g. a notice in Adressa.
  • Through social media.
  • In your own network.

Can/should I pay users to participate in my research?

See the following two articles:

  • Paying participants in research: A guide in Norwegian from the national research ethics committee.
  • Paying participants in medical and care-related research: Publication in Norwegian from the national research ethics committee.

Other resources


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