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These are some of the photos I taken when I have time for such things. Most of them are from my travels. Unfortunately I don’t do much photo editing so you will find some of the photos quite washed out.

photo album: Composition exercises

The right composition is, besides being able to take a clear, non-blurry photo, probably the most important success factor for taking a nice photo. At the same time, composing right is extremely hard for me. Therefore I practice.

photo album: Pisa, Italy

Visiting our good colleagues Francesco and Francesco at CNR in Pisa I had half a day for sight-seeing. There is only one place in Pisa you go to when you have only half a day: Piazza dei Miracoli. I did…

photo album: Paris, France

      A few photos from Montmartre in Paris during my SOCIETIES trip some months ago can be found here. I also took some photos in Le cimetière Montmartre that are in my death album here.

photo album: Istanbul, Turkey

I took a lot of photos during my one day in Istanbul this summer, most of them from the inside of Hagia Sophia. You can see a selection here. Impressive building. I also have a colorful album from Ankara here.…

photo album: NYC

Some photos from New York City from our last trip. I will have to add some old photos we have from NYC to this album. The album can be found here.

photo album: Ankara, Turkey

The gallery can be found here. Ankara is not exactly the most exciting city in the world, but somehow you start liking the city after a two weeks stay! Turkish people are very nice. I am here during July 2011…

photo album: Fosen, Norway

Fosen is a peninsula outside Trondheim Fjord. We sometimes visit our friends’ summer house in Fosen. There is nothing comparable to a nice sunny day in this beautiful area of Norway. I keep a gallery with photos from daily life,…