Supervised Master Theses

Below is a list of some of the master theses I have been main supervisor for.


Martin Brandtzæg Sundfør (2018) The Effect of Mobile Technological Solutions for the Improvement of Student Mental Health and Well-being: A Systematic Literature Review

Geir Hide Forslund (2018) Implementing Self-determination Theory in Mobile Applications - A systematic literature review of research in the field of noncommunicable diseases, url

Jonas Mørk, Henrik Martinius Negård; Løchsen (2018) Self-Documentation Software as a means to increase Self-Efficacy at Schools: Design Concepts based on Co-Design with Students, url

Håkon Meyer Tørnquist (2018) Differences in Governance Mechanisms between On-Demand Economy Platforms and Sharing Economy Platforms - A Multiple-Case Study, url

Hege Louise Borge, Andrea Leikvold (2018) Co-creation as a Means to Align Conceptual and Mental Models in System Development: - An Exploratory Case Study of Older Adults as Users of Web-based Public Services, url


Ole Gunhildsberg Hansen (2017) What gamification design do users want in a self-management application for chronic diseases? - The case of Cystic Fibrosis, url

Jon Martin Filberg (2017) Understanding Awareness Support in Home Care Technology


Eirik Stadheim, Andreas Næss (2016) A Study of The Use of Socialization, Prompting and Empowering Elements in Mobile ICT to Promote Behavior Change in Physical Activity, url

Petter Astrup, Nemanja Aksic, Erik G Jansen (2016) Usability of Commercial mHealth Toolkits From a Developer Perspective An Empirical Evaluation of Google Fit, Apple HealthKit and Samsung Digital Health, url


Simon Stastny (2015) UbiBazaar: App Store for the Internet of Things, url

Truls Bjørnar Steinseth Rogstad, Odd Fredrik Mørch Thevarajah, Nitharshaan Hamborg (2015) ICT-Based Exercise Concepts for Seniors to Support Fall Prevention - What Do Seniors Really Want?, url

Truls Bjørnar Steinseth Hamborg, Odd Fredrik Mørch Rogstad, Nitharshaan Thevarajah (2015) ICT-Based Exercise Concepts for Seniors to Support Fall Prevention- What Do Seniors Really Want?, url

Thomas Aleksander Franang, Håkon Gulbrandsen (2015) CoSSMunity: Applying Gamification to create Informed Energy Users within a Smart Grid Community., url

Robin Tordly (2015) How to Persuade Youths to Adopt a Healthy Behavior for a Period- A Design Guide, url


Jørgen Ekeland, Vegar Engen (2014) A Middleware for Managing and Sharing Geographical Place Definitions Across Social Networking Services, url


Andreas Lund (2013) UbiFall: a study of fall detection services and use of social media, url

Weilin Wang (2013) Supporting Fall Prevention for the Elderly by Using Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

Kato Stølen (2013) Using Infrastructure-less Wireless Networks to Synchronize Data among Mobile Devices: Extending UbiShare, url


Yngvar Kristiansen (2010) Dynamic Management of Software Components in a Ubiquitous Collaborative Environment, url

Waqas Hussain Siddiqui (2010) Managing spaces in context-aware ubiquitous systems, url


Simone Mora (2009) A mobile extensible architecture for implementing ubiquitous discovery gestures based on object tagging, url