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These are reviews of some of the books I have read. I write the reviews mainly for myself to remember what the book was about, so they are more a kind of summary. You can find more reviews in my GoodReads account. Click on “About me” and follow to my GoodReads account if you are interested.

The Pragmatic Programmer

This is a book that starts a bit boring but becomes very interesting and extremely useful at the end. This will be a must read for my students.

The First Human

One would not expect that someone could write a thriller about boring scientists. I enjoyed this book a lot. Not only because of its documentary thriller style but also because I learned tremendously about where I come from.

The Photograph: Composition & Color Design

This is the most complete book on photographic composition that you will find. It is a boring book to read throughout, but excellent to use as a dictionary of composition. A lot of photos to illustrate the points in the…

Annie Leibovitz at Work

This book was a very pleasant surprise. A book filled with nice photos, and in addition with wonderful text by the photographer to accompany the photos. Annie Leibovitz does magic when it comes to portraits of celebrities, and portraits in…

Animal Farm

This was for me an animated version of not only the communist revolution, but also the Islamic revolution in Iran, which I witnessed personally during my teens. I was always amazed by how closely the events in this book mirrored…